Will Southernmost Illinois Residents Vote For Joe Biden Or Donald Trump?

The numbers are pouring in — and the word is that early voting and voting by mail will likely lead to record turnout in the southern areas of Illinois. Chicago almost always votes blue, but what about the rest of the state? Southernmost Illinois votes red. Will our residents continue this trend in 2020 to propel Donald Trump to an Illinois victory? Most models predict a resounding Biden win on or shortly after Election Day, but mostly because of turnout in Chicago and its suburbs, which are increasingly likely to lean blue.

Voter Tresa Collins said, “I prayed about it. God answered my prayers, and here I am. I prayed about voting, because I want God’s will for America.”

Collins is a 90-year-old voter who sees this election as more important than usual, but she voted early due to the pandemic. She added, “I feel that it’s our duty as an American to vote. That’s why I’m here, because I know it’s a dangerous time. I’m trying to do all that my government tells me to do to protect myself. The rest is up to the good Lord.”

Williamson County Clerk and Recorder acknowledged the difficulties keeping everyone safe in 2020, and requested all early voters wear masks — but turning away American citizens who want to vote but choose not to wear a mask could lead to legal action, and the county knows it. That’s just one more reason why voting early makes more sense. 

Many parts of Southernmost Illinois are still expected to swing toward Donald Trump, but polls suggest that Biden has ebbed away at Trump’s base of support. The incumbent has put off many voters with his penchant for lying on camera, his attitude to international relations, and his ineptitude in handling the coronavirus pandemic here in the United States.

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