Top Wineries To Visit In Southernmost Illinois

Southernmost Illinois might not be the first region you think of when you imagine wine, but guess what? Some Illinois wineries offer high-quality tastes and flavors for any palette that rivals anything Southern California has in its scorched fields! We jest, but the climate of Southernmost Illinois is just far more agreeable. If you’re looking for a mild vacation spot to rest and relax (especially now), then here are a few of the top wineries to visit while you’re here.

Don’t want to commit to visiting a single winery? No problem. Hit up the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Over 35 miles of majestic countryside, you’ll have the option of stopping at no fewer than 11 award-winning wineries. When you’re done with each of those wineries, there is plenty to find in town. Time to explore!

Alto Vineyards is one such winery along the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. Check for hours ahead of time, because the resurgence of coronavirus cases in Illinois could impact your travel plans. Alto is the oldest winery in Southernmost Illinois — and you’ll soon find out why. They have one tasting room in Alto Pass and another in Champaign.

Peachbarn Winery and Cafe rests in an aesthetically pleasing locations alongside plenty of fruit fields and trees inside of Shawnee National Forest. The best part of Peachbarn? The gourmet food is, well, gourmet. Enjoy a bite to eat as you sample new wines.

Kite Hill Vineyards doesn’t just boast great wine: it’s also a renowned Bed & Breakfast where you’ll be comfortable staying overnight. It’s a great starting point if you’re new to the area, and the owners won’t hesitate to help focus your travel plans before sending you off to the next winery. There’s great food to boot!

Von Jakob Winery & Brewery combines the best of both worlds. Wife a wine lover, husband a beer lover? No problem! Both palettes are very much covered here, and the food is divine. Von Jakob is near Carbondale. This is a stunning location with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, forests on the exterior, and huge orchards.

Who doesn’t like a waterside view? Check out the Cache River Basin Vineyard & Winery in Belknap with restaurants and cabins on site. There are stylish bedrooms, great views, a sauna and hot tubs! The winery plans a number of expansions in the near future, including a walking trail and zip line. A lovely bench now sits atop a nearby hill so visitors can take in the view before or after a tasting!

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