Car Accidents Remain A Big Problem In Southernmost Illinois

Vehicles are becoming much safer to operate in the United States: most new models come with automatic lane changing, parking, blind spot sensors, and even automatic braking. These vehicles have saved countless lives in the past several years, but there are still tens of thousands of fatalities every year. This is true in Illinois as well. Here’s what you can do to avoid an accident or lower your insurance.

Car accidents are often life-change — or life-ending — experiences. They shouldn’t be taken lightly. Of course you wouldn’t expect car accidents Los Angeles to occur at a lower rate than car accidents in a small town in Southern Illinois — but sometimes the opposite is true. Those living in rural areas believe that because they live in an unpopulated area, they can take more chances. But still, you can take precautions to ensure you have the best possible chances of avoiding a deadly accident. 

There are three main reasons that car accidents occur. The first and most problematic of the three is negligent driving, such as texting while driving, driving while intoxicated, or simply allowing yourself to get behind the wheel while too distracted to pay attention. The second reason accidents occur is bad weather. For example, there are fewer weather-related accidents in Southern California than there are in Illinois — because we have severe winter weather every year. And the third reason accidents occur is defective parts.

You can’t control that third reason, but you do have some semblance of control over the first two. You can always drive sober. You can always put down the phone while you drive. And you can always avoid driving when the weather becomes dangerous.

Another reason that accidents occur is because of wildlife. Although deer-related accidents usually don’t result in death, it does happen. If the animal survives the impact and ends up in your vehicle, it’ll go wild trying to get out. And if you’re still inside when that happens…You might not survive yourself.

It remains illegal to operate a motor vehicle without using a seatbelt, and many people are killed each year because they choose to ride unencumbered by that annoying band of material. Is it worth paying the ultimate price? We think not. Please remember to strap yourself in.

You can also enroll in defensive driving courses. These are frequently offered at community colleges or high schools, and will often drive your insurance rates lower. Many instructors start each course with one simple phrase: “You bet your life every time you get behind the wheel.” And they’re not wrong. So why take the chance that something might happen by not driving safely? Speeding or other forms of driving do not exemplify “skill,” regardless of what some people might say.

Last but not least, research the vehicle you plan to purchase. Some come with higher safety ratings than others — and you should buy one of those, especially if you’re a young or inexperienced driver. It could save your life.

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