The Strangest Attractions You Didn’t Know Existed In Southernmost Illinois

When most people visit this fascinating state, they head straight for Chicago. Why not? Big cities offer endless varieties for personal or communal fun. Those with a penchant for exploration will always find something new. But those of us who are familiar with country living know that finding something to do outside of a city is more rewarding. There’s something more satisfying about an exciting find where there isn’t supposed to be one. Here are the strangest attractions we recommend in southernmost Illinois!

Ever been to Wadsworth? No. Of course not. But it’s there that you will find the largest 24-carat gold-plated freestanding object on the continent. Onan’s Gold Pyramid House is 17,000 square feet. Visitors will also find an impressive 50-foot statue of King Tut among other things. 

You’re a little late for the perfect Halloween road trip, but it might have involved Ashmore’s Witch Grave in St. Omer Cemetery. This site includes an odd grave with an equally odd history. The woman supposedly buried there was executed by burning because she did not die when the local government tried to hang her. The grave itself is unique. 

In Gays, you’ll find what might be considered the state’s strangest outhouse — in part because it stands two stories high. There was once an accompanying general store that has since been torn down, but the outhouse remains. The second story was once home to an apartment no longer in use. Yay, family fun.

Windsor’s Goat Tower Farm is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. Anyone who has never actually owned a goat farm simply loves these foul, temperamental yet adorable animals. Visitors will find many great photo opportunities as the goats will often be found climbing the tower via its rounded outdoor stairway.

Head to the small town of Arcola to find the Moomaw America’s One & Only Hippie Memorial (as if hippies are a dying breed in this age of environmentalism). The roadside exhibit is more of a history of everything weird in American culture.

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