The Creepy Side Of Illinois

Illinois has had hundreds of years to build a reputation based on economy, fairness, good people, and great places. But that span of time was also used to wash away a number of creepy tales and spooky folklore you’ve probably never heard about! Here are a few interesting stories we love to tell around the campfire.

Ever heard of Henry H. Holmes? He was a pharmacy owner in Chicago — and a successful early 19th century serial killer! He would rent out rooms to female visitors in town for an expo, and then murder them in the basement (or so the story goes). Police discovered dismembered body parts in jars. They also found a little shop of horrors, complete with acid and quicklime pits. There’s a post office at this location today. Workers say they can still hear the screams of the dearly departed…

Visit Flora Township for a taste of Blood’s Point Road. According to old folklore, a school bus full of children crashed near this location — which is also home to a cemetery and bridge. Storytellers say this bridge was the location of hangings.

In Egypt, Illinois, there was a man who passed away while waiting for a bus. He’s now known as the vanishing man, as legend suggests his spirit is still stuck on that bus — and many people have apparently noted this apparition, especially when it disappears from plain view.

The “Hatchet Lady” protects her son’s grave at Moon Point Cemetery. Wander too close to the grave in question, and she might just scream “get out!” Some have seen other ghosts at the cemetery, too, in addition to strange sounds or lights.

Head to Archer Ave and you might see “Resurrection Mary,” an apparently beautiful hitchhiker clothed in white. According to local legend, she will disappear once she’s in the car — leaving you with nightmares for a good long while. The stories say she ran from her boyfriend after a fight, only to be struck and killed by a passing vehicle near Resurrection Cemetery.

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