The Best State Parks To Visit In 2022: Part II

Almost a month ago, we began a series to grant readers more information on our favorite state parks. We know you’ll need someplace to go once spring comes. Now represents the best time to research vacation opportunities that won’t break the bank — especially since millions of Americans have moved from one job to the next in the last few months. Need a cheap option to get outside the house? Here are a few more of our favorites. 

Cave in Rock State Park is absolutely free! But even if it weren’t, it offers wonderful scenery for casual visitors. There is a cave 55 feet deep. While visiting, you will learn about its rich history: pirates and outlaws once used these caves as a sanctuary while running from the law. Please respect the boundaries and don’t venture into any closed-off portions of the cave. We need to protect this natural wonder for future generations. Book a campsite or cabin if you want to stay overnight.

History buffs won’t want to miss Fort Massac State Park. Visitors can enjoy the usual outdoor activities and hike to explore the area, but don’t forget to learn about the area. There is still a fort on site, although it’s a replica of what was originally built to overlook the Ohio River during the Revolutionary War. Even earlier than that, the Spanish were using the location for strategic purposes. Interestingly, Fort Massac was Illinois’s first state park. 

Water lovers and birdwatchers alike will want to visit Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park. You can boat, fish, swim, ride on horseback, hike, and enjoy the largest manmade lake in the state. Most visitors will want to arrive very early or late for the best wildlife viewing (or fishing) but you can also camp at its many primitive and modern sites. Although there was once a resort on site, it was decommissioned in 2016. It is unlikely to reopen anytime soon.

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