South Shore State Park Location Details and Fun Attractions

South Shore State Park is located on a 26,000 acres land in Clinton County, Illinois, U.S. It is located on land that is leased by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and contains part of the shoreline of Carlyle Lake, the biggest man made reservoir in the state.

Managed to preserve its cultural and natural resources, the South Shore State Park ideally provides recreational opportunities such as Class C campground, small boat access, two 3/4 mile hiking rails which are also used as 3D archery ranges, 5-day areas of picknick purposes and even bank-fishing opportunities.

South Shore State Park Nature

The park is home to numerous wildlife species. It is occupied by deer, raccoons, woodchucks, red foxes, squirrels, doves, quail and songbirds including bluebirds. Brush piles, nest structures, and even bluebird boxes have been placed throughout the area. More than 200K waterfowl stop at the lake in the park on their migratory travels every winter. Other birds that have been spotted in the South Shore State Park include shorebirds, egrets, herons, and raptors. The local wildlife ideally benefits from the restoration of prairie grasses which are native to the region.


Most of the access spots have been rip-rapped to prevent erosion. These places offer ideal fishing spots as well. You can be able to catch largemouth, Sunfish, channel catfish, crappie, white bass, walleye, carp, bluegill, suckers and many others.

Extra Attractions in The Region

Other than the conveniences offered at the park, most Carlyle Lake visitors usually like to check out the facilities offered by Eldon Hazlet State Park (another Department of Natural Resources) and the Corps of Engineers. The United States Army Corps of Engineers run various campgrounds, fishing areas, swimming beaches, boat access regions and other facilities around the lake.

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