Who Are the South Illinois Salukis? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

If you have heard about the South Illinois Salukis but you aren’t quite sure what the story is all about, then this guide is going to give you the key facts you’re looking for. So, without any delay, let’s explore who the South Illinois Salukis are.

Simply put, the South Illinois Salukis is the name given to the varsity athletic teams which proudly represent the Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Though they are athletes today, many go on to have successful careers in other professions, like working in Georgia as a Marietta truck accident attorney.

Of course, the name may seem a little unusual at first glance, but it is actually a nickname that it has earned due to the fact that Southern Illinois has been nicknamed as a little Egypt over the last couple of centuries. So, when you understand that Saluki is the name of the Persian Greyhound that’s also the Royal dog of Egypt, it all becomes much clearer indeed!

Just as you’d expect, the varsity athletic teams cover a broad range of sporting activities, and this also includes teams of both genders. In general, they have a baseball team, a basketball team, cross country, football, swimming, track and field, and even golf, all of which proudly represent the South Illinois Salukis.

The women’s teams cover many of the same sports, but with the addition of volleyball and college softball rather than baseball. Interestingly, the varsity teams have access to some very impressive grounds, with the new 15,000 seat stadium dedicated to their team’s sporting activities and competitions. There is also a respectable arena where you will find the basketball games.

Overall, the Southern Illinois Salukis have displayed some impressive skills over the years, and the collection of eight men’s varsity teams and eight women’s varsity teams often put on excellent performances that are well worth catching if you are ever in the area and have the opportunity to do so.

The Salukis have a great football team, as evidenced in this video:

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