Discover The Saline County State Fish And Wildlife Area

Located in the Southern part of Illinois you will find the beautiful Saline County State Fish and Wildlife Area. The problem is not many people know about this hidden gem of a location and this often means they tend to avoid the place and this makes it one of those secluded type of areas as well for people to enjoy. So what exactly can you do at the wildlife area and what just how large is the wildlife area?

Well, let’s answer the second question first. That answer is this park is relatively large in relation to some of the areas that people are able to visit. The wildlife area itself covers a total of one thousand two hundred and seventy acres! So as you can see this is a rather large area and it is one continuous piece of land, which is what makes this spot even more special for the animals and the visitors.

Now as to what all is available for you to do when you are at Saline County State Fish and Wildlife Area is a complete surprise for people. The region offers some world class hunting, but it also has a wide range of fishing options available as well. As far as boating, it is allowed on the lake as long as your motor is under ten horsepower.

If the hunting or fishing is not what you are looking for, then you will enjoy the beautiful trails in the park for you to hike on. However, if you are finding it is starting to get on in the day, then you may want to consider camping at the large campground. Camping does not have any type of electric, but if you do not mind roughing it, the campground is beautiful.

Horseshoe Lake State Fish And Wildlife Area

First and foremost, Merry Christmas to everyone in Illinois and beyond!

The Horseshoe Lake State Fish And Wildlife Area consists of an impressive 10,200 acres of land. The most significant feature of course being the lake that was constructed in 1920 boasting a 20 mile shoreline and a consistent depth of 4 foot. The lake takes up 2,400 acres of the entire 10,200 area.

Picnics and camping are favorite activities in the area and pets on leashes are welcome. Picnic sites consist of seating and table areas, park stoves as well as playgrounds for the kids. There are over 80 camping sites ranging in different class categories from A (which includes electricity and showers) all the way through to class E sites. These grounds are diverse to allow all types of people to have fun, from a long term care planning attorney Staten Island to an experienced camper.

Certain sections of the area are considered to be refuges for wildlife and especially waterfowl. Horseshoe Lake and Horseshoe Island are included in these protected regions. However, hunting is allowed in some areas especially focused to control the waterfowl population. It is best to contact the Horseshoe Lake State Fish And Wildlife staff in order to determine the requirements for hunting.

Apart from the exquisite lake, the natural flora and scenery in the area are simply exquisite. A wide range of other activities are also available throughout the year such as boating and fishing. Different programs are also presented during the year. Inquiries can be made as to the type of activities and programs during specific seasons or times.

Fishing is unfortunately restricted or limited due to the park being a sanctuary and as this is the main source of food for much of the waterfowl and other bird life that are resident in the area. Contact the park to find out more about receiving permission to fish.

Although the area is open to the public, it is also used for research and education purposes.

Will you be like the uploader of this video and come to Horseshoe Lake with a Kayak when the weather clears up? Let us know!

Who Are The Southern Illinois Edwardsville Cougars?

SIU Edwardsville is a part of the Southern Illinois University System. The university is located in Edwardsville, IL which is about 20 miles outside St. Louis, MO. The university first opened in 1957 in answer to a growing need for a four-year college in the Illinois Metro East area. The current campus opened in 1965 and features a College of Arts and Sciences and Schools of Education, Business, and Science and Technology. There are also Schools of Nursing, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.

The SIU Edwardsville Cougars represent the athletic teams for the university. They compete in Division I of the NCAA and are a member of the Ohio Valley Conference. Eddie the Cougar #57 is the SIUE mascot and the team colors are red and white.

SIUE has eight women’s and eight men’s teams that are NCAA-sanctioned. SIUE men’s soccer is part of the Mid-American Conference as an affiliate member and wrestling will move to the Mid-American Conference in 2018. The university has baseball, both men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, track and field, golf, men and women’s soccer, softball, volleyball, tennis, and wrestling teams. SIUE Cougar teams have won 17 NCAA national championships in 5 sports.

The school’s athletic facilities are impressive. The Vadalabene Center (VC), named after Sam Vadalabene, a state senator is the center of SIUE Cougar athletics. The center seats more than 4,000 fans and is home to many of the universities athletic facilities.

Lukas Athletics Annex opened in 2012 and houses all offices for the athletics department. The VC is also home to the university’s School of Education’s Departments of Health Education and Kinesiology.

In 1994, Bob Guelker Field and Korte Stadium opened and currently serve the women and men’s track and field and soccer teams. Cougar baseball takes place at Simmons Baseball Complex and Cougar Field is home to the university’s softball team.

Who Are the South Illinois Salukis? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

If you have heard about the South Illinois Salukis but you aren’t quite sure what the story is all about, then this guide is going to give you the key facts you’re looking for. So, without any delay, let’s explore who the South Illinois Salukis are.

Simply put, the South Illinois Salukis is the name given to the varsity athletic teams which proudly represent the Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Though they are athletes today, many go on to have successful careers in other professions, like working in Georgia as a Marietta truck accident attorney.

Of course, the name may seem a little unusual at first glance, but it is actually a nickname that it has earned due to the fact that Southern Illinois has been nicknamed as a little Egypt over the last couple of centuries. So, when you understand that Saluki is the name of the Persian Greyhound that’s also the Royal dog of Egypt, it all becomes much clearer indeed!

Just as you’d expect, the varsity athletic teams cover a broad range of sporting activities, and this also includes teams of both genders. In general, they have a baseball team, a basketball team, cross country, football, swimming, track and field, and even golf, all of which proudly represent the South Illinois Salukis.

The women’s teams cover many of the same sports, but with the addition of volleyball and college softball rather than baseball. Interestingly, the varsity teams have access to some very impressive grounds, with the new 15,000 seat stadium dedicated to their team’s sporting activities and competitions. There is also a respectable arena where you will find the basketball games.

Overall, the Southern Illinois Salukis have displayed some impressive skills over the years, and the collection of eight men’s varsity teams and eight women’s varsity teams often put on excellent performances that are well worth catching if you are ever in the area and have the opportunity to do so.

The Salukis have a great football team, as evidenced in this video:

Who Are The Southern Illinois Miners?

Based out of Marion, Illinois, the Miners are a popular local baseball team that are a part of the independent Frontier League. They are considered a professional team, though some would call them semi-professional, and are independent of Major League baseball as well as the AAA, AA, and single A minor league system. The Miners play in the West Division of the league.

Popular Local Team
Marion had hosted a professional team once before, but over half a century ago all the way back in 1948. The love for baseball has never faded, however, and the formation of the Miners in 2007 was the town’s solution as they joined the Frontier League after being rejected by the Midwest League.

The Miners call Rent One Park home, and since their inauguration have quickly become remarkable competitive. In their first year they set a Frontier League record for average fans per game, and just a year later in 2008 would make their first play-off appearance as they broke their own attendance record.

Very Competitive Team
The 2010 season would see them getting the best record in the league (64-32) which also includes a remarkable 20 game winning streak, a league record. They would win their first play-off series but lose later on, leaving the pursuit of a championship as a goal that is still on the table.

However just two years later the Miners would bring home the championship to the always loyal local fans. This is following years of massive success that would lead to frustrating defeats in the play-offs, and capped off a very nice story of a small Illinois community that loved professional baseball and once again wanted a team that they could call their own.

With this type of support, there is little doubt that the Miners will continue to thrive and stay active in Marion.

South Shore State Park Location Details and Fun Attractions

South Shore State Park is located on a 26,000 acres land in Clinton County, Illinois, U.S. It is located on land that is leased by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and contains part of the shoreline of Carlyle Lake, the biggest man made reservoir in the state.

Managed to preserve its cultural and natural resources, the South Shore State Park ideally provides recreational opportunities such as Class C campground, small boat access, two 3/4 mile hiking rails which are also used as 3D archery ranges, 5-day areas of picknick purposes and even bank-fishing opportunities.

South Shore State Park Nature

The park is home to numerous wildlife species. It is occupied by deer, raccoons, woodchucks, red foxes, squirrels, doves, quail and songbirds including bluebirds. Brush piles, nest structures, and even bluebird boxes have been placed throughout the area. More than 200K waterfowl stop at the lake in the park on their migratory travels every winter. Other birds that have been spotted in the South Shore State Park include shorebirds, egrets, herons, and raptors. The local wildlife ideally benefits from the restoration of prairie grasses which are native to the region.


Most of the access spots have been rip-rapped to prevent erosion. These places offer ideal fishing spots as well. You can be able to catch largemouth, Sunfish, channel catfish, crappie, white bass, walleye, carp, bluegill, suckers and many others.

Extra Attractions in The Region

Other than the conveniences offered at the park, most Carlyle Lake visitors usually like to check out the facilities offered by Eldon Hazlet State Park (another Department of Natural Resources) and the Corps of Engineers. The United States Army Corps of Engineers run various campgrounds, fishing areas, swimming beaches, boat access regions and other facilities around the lake.

Plan A Visit To Red Hills State Park

Red Hills State Park is a 967 acre park in Illinois. It stays open all year and visitors can enjoy a wide variety of recreational opportunities including hiking, hunting, fishing, and boating. Whether you want to photograph wildflowers or spend some time fishing, there are plenty of activities to enjoy.

Red Hills features wooded hills, meadows, springs, and ravines to explore. There is a 40 acre lake that is open for fishing and boating. Red Hills offers amazing views. There are ecosystems to explore with wet and dry prairies, marshes, and forests.

The park offers horse trails, bike trails, and hiking trails. There are also opportunities to hunt during certain times. Shaded picnic areas abound, and there are over 100 campsites available that you can reserve online. Red Hills is a great place to take the family on a picnic. The picnic areas have grills and tables and some of the picnic areas even have shelter.

If you want to spend more time at Red Hills, consider camping for a few days. There are over 100 campsites to choose from that offer vehicle access and electricity. The campground also has toilets and showers. There are some RV sites as well as handicapped sites.

Red Hills has 8 miles of trails. Walking the trails is a great way to observe birds and some of the other wildlife in the area. The trails are also open for bicycling and horseback riding.

Visitors can walk around a paved trail that circles the lake and they can fish on the banks. Visitors can boat on the lake as long as they don’t commit white collar crimes or use a boat with a gas motor. Visitors can enjoy ice skating on the lake in the winter and ice fishing and sledding is also available.

The video embedded below is a great virtual tour of Red Hills State Park!

Overview Of The Pyramid State Recreation Area

The largest state recreation area that is located in Illinois is called the Pyramid State Recreation Area. It can be found in Perry County, and is managed by the Illinois Department of natural resources. It measures a total of 30.78 square miles or a total of over 19,000 acres. It is very close to a town called Pinckneyville. Virtually the entire region is a place where stripmining was done to obtain coal. Similar to areas of Pennsylvania, southern Illinois has major deposits of coal, and until the 1960s it was a very profitable region for this commodity. In 1959, mining operations ceased by the Pyramid Coal Company in almost a thousand acres became state property. It was later owned by the Southern Illinois University for the purpose of research, some of which was rehabilitated as a new natural area courtesy of the Illinois DNR.

What Can You Do At The Pyramid State Recreation Area

You can do quite a bit in this region. About 500 acres of this region has lakes that provide excellent fishing opportunities. One of the largest is called Super Lake, one of the many that was created prior to 1950. It’s one of the more popular places in this region where people can do fishing in almost complete seclusion. There are also archery ranges, places to do boating, and many campsites that people can choose from. There are equestrian trails, hiking trails, and places that you can go hunting. People even bring their mountain bikes and metal detectors to have fun in this wilderness area.

Where Is It Located?

It is located adjacent to Pinckneyville. This is southeast of the beautiful city of St. Louis. If you happen to be traveling through Illinois, this is one of the more beautiful areas where you can do many outdoor activities. Due to the work of the Illinois DNR, it is now a pristine location that was once nothing more than a stripmining operation for coal producers in the state.

What You Need To Know About Lake Murphysboro State Park

Located in Jackson County, Illinois, the Lake Murphysboro State Park takes up a total of 1,022 acres. It was established as a state park in 1948 and has attracted countless visitors ever since. It’s most noticeable features is the magnificent star-shaped lake from which it gets its name. Much of the park is actually the lake itself, but there are plenty of other sites to see while you are there.

It’s the perfect place to visit if you are a true fan of the outdoors. The entire area is hills, grass, trees, and water. You see very little man-made influence in the area, aside from the occasional bridge, walkway, or dock. Unlike some other state parks, Lake Murphysboro has not been highly commercialized, which allows it to retain much of its original beauty.


Early History.

The land was not purchased by the state of Illinois until 1948. However, there had been a great deal of interest in the area for the previous 18 years. And the area had been used for various other purposes long before this.

Signs of Native American inhabitants of the Old Woodland culture and the Paleolithic have been found in the area. The Paleolithic Native Americans lived in small camps and spent their time hunting large game. The old Woodland built more significant settlements and focused on agriculture. However, neither of these cultures seemed to exist in the area past 1800.

The lake itself was built in 1950. It has a shoreline of 7.5 miles and a maximum depth of 36 feet. Nearby there is a much smaller lake that is referred to as “the Little Lake”.

What To Do?

You’ll have quite a few recreational options when you visit the park. It features an impressive archery range in the northwest section. The lake is stocked with an assortment of fish, such as crappie, bluegill, and largemouth bass. Boating, picnicking, camping, law firm practice management software, and hiking are all allowed in the park as well.

Here is a video of Murphysboro State Park in all of its glory:

Fort Massac State Park – A Fantastic Place To Visit

The Fort Massac State Park found in Illinois is certainly a delightful place to visit, and in this guide, you’re going to learn more information about what this unique location has to offer so let’s get straight to it.

First of all, it’s interesting to note that this was actually the first state park ever created in Illinois way back in 1908, and since this time, it has continued on to be one of the most enjoyable natural locations you could visit.

In terms of size, it comes in at around 1450 acres, which is plenty of space to enjoy some of the unique features the area has to offer. For example, every fall, re-enactors like to gather at the encampment found in this park, and it’s always a fun occasion if you have the opportunity to visit during this time.

But perhaps one of the most common reasons to visit Fort Massac State Park is for the delightful walkways that you’ll experience, which provides you with a wonderful day out with your friends and family in tow. Of course, there are often events held for children as well, and the excellent museum in the area is definitely another highlight which brings people back time and time again.

On the other hand, you may enjoy some of the hiking and biking trails that are found all throughout the park, and you’ll never be too far away from a suitable camping area, pavilion, or visitor center and this certainly makes your travels throughout the state park very pleasant indeed.

At the end of the day, it’s clear to see that the state park is one of the top attractions to be found in Massac County, and no matter whether you are looking to enjoy some of the physical activities or even explore the rich history of the park, there is plenty on offer here to give you an enjoyable day out.