Overview Of The Pyramid State Recreation Area

The largest state recreation area that is located in Illinois is called the Pyramid State Recreation Area. It can be found in Perry County, and is managed by the Illinois Department of natural resources. It measures a total of 30.78 square miles or a total of over 19,000 acres. It is very close to a town called Pinckneyville. Virtually the entire region is a place where stripmining was done to obtain coal. Similar to areas of Pennsylvania, southern Illinois has major deposits of coal, and until the 1960s it was a very profitable region for this commodity. In 1959, mining operations ceased by the Pyramid Coal Company in almost a thousand acres became state property. It was later owned by the Southern Illinois University for the purpose of research, some of which was rehabilitated as a new natural area courtesy of the Illinois DNR.

What Can You Do At The Pyramid State Recreation Area

You can do quite a bit in this region. About 500 acres of this region has lakes that provide excellent fishing opportunities. One of the largest is called Super Lake, one of the many that was created prior to 1950. It’s one of the more popular places in this region where people can do fishing in almost complete seclusion. There are also archery ranges, places to do boating, and many campsites that people can choose from. There are equestrian trails, hiking trails, and places that you can go hunting. People even bring their mountain bikes and metal detectors to have fun in this wilderness area.

Where Is It Located?

It is located adjacent to Pinckneyville. This is southeast of the beautiful city of St. Louis. If you happen to be traveling through Illinois, this is one of the more beautiful areas where you can do many outdoor activities. Due to the work of the Illinois DNR, it is now a pristine location that was once nothing more than a stripmining operation for coal producers in the state.

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