Move To Southernmost Illinois If You Want A Job According To New Jobs Report

If you cannot find a job anywhere else in Illinois, your best move might be the Carbondale-Marion metropolitan area, where more jobs were added to the local economy than anywhere else in the state in the last twelve months. This is according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (or BLS) and the Illinois Department of Employment Security (or IDES).

For the last nineteen years, most added jobs were farm-related — and that’s an occupation more and more young people are staying away from — but IDES reported that the majority of the new jobs were unrelated to the farming industry.

Jobs were actually added in all metropolitan areas of Illinois in the last year, but Carbondale-Marion added the most. 

The number of jobs there went up by a respectable 2.3 percent during the time period. That’s 1,300 new jobs in Carbondale-Marion and 9,900 in all of Lake County. Other good places to add to your new job search are Harrisburg and Olney-Mount Carmel, which both added close to six hundred each.

Across all of Illinois, the jobs report indicated over 78,000 jobs were added. This is the biggest period of job growth recorded since July 2015. 

SIU Carbondale Professor John Jackson said, “The Fiscal Year 2018 and ‘19 numbers have slowly been ratcheting up and now, in the first month of FY ‘20, we’re finally getting back to the baseline that would’ve been FY ‘15, before the gridlock. Obviously this report does not support the narrative of those who insist that the sky is falling, in Southern Illinois or in the state as a whole.”

It’s worth mentioning that job reports such as these fail to recognize a number of factors when considering unemployment — including those who want a job but have stopped searching or those who aren’t bothering to look at all. Both factors could paint a spectacularly bleaker picture than what the two organizations presented, but for now the news seems to be on the bright side.

Many have attributed the growth to Governor J.B. Pritzker’s budget balancing skills: the new budget went into effect July 1, which means we’re only now seeing the first results. Pritzker has implemented a number of new projects related to infrastructure, and plans to begin construction on schools. 

Deputy Governor Dan Hynes said, “This administration will continue to build on our momentum with policies that invest in our future. That’s why Governor Pritzker worked hard to pass a balanced budget that makes historic investments in education and a bipartisan capital bill that will help grow our economy for years to come.”

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