Horseshoe Lake State Fish And Wildlife Area

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The Horseshoe Lake State Fish And Wildlife Area consists of an impressive 10,200 acres of land. The most significant feature of course being the lake that was constructed in 1920 boasting a 20 mile shoreline and a consistent depth of 4 foot. The lake takes up 2,400 acres of the entire 10,200 area.

Picnics and camping are favorite activities in the area and pets on leashes are welcome. Picnic sites consist of seating and table areas, park stoves as well as playgrounds for the kids. There are over 80 camping sites ranging in different class categories from A (which includes electricity and showers) all the way through to class E sites. These grounds are diverse to allow all types of people to have fun, from a long term care planning attorney Staten Island to an experienced camper.

Certain sections of the area are considered to be refuges for wildlife and especially waterfowl. Horseshoe Lake and Horseshoe Island are included in these protected regions. However, hunting is allowed in some areas especially focused to control the waterfowl population. It is best to contact the Horseshoe Lake State Fish And Wildlife staff in order to determine the requirements for hunting.

Apart from the exquisite lake, the natural flora and scenery in the area are simply exquisite. A wide range of other activities are also available throughout the year such as boating and fishing. Different programs are also presented during the year. Inquiries can be made as to the type of activities and programs during specific seasons or times.

Fishing is unfortunately restricted or limited due to the park being a sanctuary and as this is the main source of food for much of the waterfowl and other bird life that are resident in the area. Contact the park to find out more about receiving permission to fish.

Although the area is open to the public, it is also used for research and education purposes.

Will you be like the uploader of this video and come to Horseshoe Lake with a Kayak when the weather clears up? Let us know!

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