Facts You Didn’t Know About The State Of Illinois

We routinely deliver news, facts, and historical stories about our wonderful Illinois state. We also derive pride from our state’s parks and monuments. We enjoy watching everyone assimilate this information and then put it to good use by going outside to see the sights. Today, we’re going to share some weird or interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Illinois. Here we go!

Illinois might be known for controversial politics, but believe it or not our state was the very first to ratify the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution. That was the one that abolished slavery!

We’re also a huge exporter of energy. We don’t need to rely on coal and oil as much as everyone else to heat our homes or keep businesses running — because we produce more nuclear power than any other state.

Chicago was once home to the tallest skyscraper in the country. The Sears Tower held the title.

Visitors will realize immediately that Illinois is mostly farmland, but we already had that reputation. 80 percent of our land is farmland — and we export innumerable crops to sell around the country, which boosts our state’s economy and sustains our future.

We were the country’s 21st state. December 3, 1818 was the day we marked our calendars — and we believe everyone should remember this occasion. Why not do some research this coming December?

McDonald’s has grown into a multinational franchise, but the very first restaurant was built in Des Plaines, Illinois! Twinkies also got their start here. They originated in River Forest.

Most people probably don’t view Illinois as a “big” state population-wise, but we’re actually the fifth largest in the United States after Florida, New York, California, and Texas. We can thank Chicago for that.

We’ve also bred presidents, but probably not the one you think. Former President Ronald Reagan was born here. Abraham Lincoln was not — even if we sometimes refer to our homeland as the “Land of Lincoln.”

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