Discover The Saline County State Fish And Wildlife Area

Located in the Southern part of Illinois you will find the beautiful Saline County State Fish and Wildlife Area. The problem is not many people know about this hidden gem of a location and this often means they tend to avoid the place and this makes it one of those secluded type of areas as well for people to enjoy. So what exactly can you do at the wildlife area and what just how large is the wildlife area?

Well, let’s answer the second question first. That answer is this park is relatively large in relation to some of the areas that people are able to visit. The wildlife area itself covers a total of one thousand two hundred and seventy acres! So as you can see this is a rather large area and it is one continuous piece of land, which is what makes this spot even more special for the animals and the visitors.

Now as to what all is available for you to do when you are at Saline County State Fish and Wildlife Area is a complete surprise for people. The region offers some world class hunting, but it also has a wide range of fishing options available as well. As far as boating, it is allowed on the lake as long as your motor is under ten horsepower.

If the hunting or fishing is not what you are looking for, then you will enjoy the beautiful trails in the park for you to hike on. However, if you are finding it is starting to get on in the day, then you may want to consider camping at the large campground. Camping does not have any type of electric, but if you do not mind roughing it, the campground is beautiful.

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