Coronavirus In Southernmost Illinois: Are We Recovering?

Only one month ago, wineries were discuss the path to reopening amidst the dangerous coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the nation and the world in a fist of uncertainty. Now, everything is regressing. Coronavirus cases are on the rise in cities all over the country, and local and state governments are considering a second round of government restrictions as other preventative measures continue to fail; namely, masks.

Counties in Southernmost Illinois have been recently unaffected by coronavirus. There have been relatively few infections compared to the rest of the country, and only a few dozen deaths. But we know that could change as the virus spreads out of control in larger cities. 

Population density is the largest factor in determining how far the virus will spread and how fast, and thankfully the people who reside in Southernmost Illinois are very spread out. Do you think you might have the virus? Some people have been mistaking the symptoms of coronavirus for seasonal allergies, which might help explain why the virus is making such an unexpected resurgence in some areas of the country. Memorial Day probably had an even larger impact.

Regardless of whether or not you feel sick, Illinois authorities ask that you stay inside when possible regardless of symptoms. Most people don’t display any at all, but they can still spread the virus to others. 

Please disregard misinformation from the president, who continues to downplay the severity of COVID-19.

Wear a mask when you must venture outside for groceries and other necessities. Stand at least six feet away from others when exercising, and try to stay out of the path of runners and bikers. It’s possible they could transmit the virus farther than six feet.

This site focuses on the history of our wonderful geographical region, but that history wouldn’t exist without you, the people. Please stay safe. 

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