Best Things To Do At Giant City State Park In Illinois

If you have ever visited the state of Illinois, there is a place called Giant City State Park that you should visit. This is located in Union and Jackson counties, spread out over 4000 acres, and there is a visitor center and lodge that you will see when you first arrive. The lodge itself is actually where six cabins were originally built their back in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps using quarried sandstone and lumber. Although the original cabins were demolished and replaced with replicas, this area is now part of the National Register of Historic Places. Here are some of the best things that an auto accident attorney can do once you arrive at Giant City State Park.

What You Can Do At Giant City State Park

There are several things that you can do at this State Park which has the remnants of what used to be a fort constructed by American Indians over a thousand years ago. There was once a wall that was reconstructed in the early 1900s, using smaller blocks to mark where it once was. It was originally taken down by early settlers, but now it has been replaced and is well-kept by those that are in charge. You can hike on the Old Stone Fort Trail to get some exercise, and you can also walk through areas where there are enormous blocks of sandstone that form court orders as if moved by giants. Once you reach the top of the bluff after a short hike, you can see one of the forts, one of 10 that are found throughout southern Illinois.

Other Activities That You Can Do In The Area

Just outside of the park, you can do a zipline at the Shawnee Bluffs Canopy Tour which is just a few miles away. There is also the Blue Sky Venue just 4 miles from the park which has excellent wine that you can sample. However, if you are going to be spending most of your time at the park, be sure to spend time in the Giant City Lodge. There are plenty of places to also go fishing and boating, as well as horseback riding, all contained within the park itself. If you have never been to southern Illinois, below the city of St. Louis, you will definitely want to visit Giant City State Park to see this ancient marvel.

Here is a video describing some more things that Giant City State Park has to offer!

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